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This kit includes pipes and EUC Flash Tun'R with unlock Code*

Load both barrels with a set of SLP Outlaw™ twin pipes for the 2023 Polaris 9R. These pipes exit through the stock belly pan outlet via an SLP Competition Series™ silencer. Finshed with black ceramic coating for maximum durability and heat retention.  They require an SLP ECU reflash done with a reflash box sold with the pipes. To effectively transfer the horsepower to the ground, an SLP Power Shift™ Clutch Kit is highly recommended which includes SLP Magnum Force™ Weights, drive and driven clutch springs and a helix. An SLP Torque Arm, SLP High Flow™ Intake Kit and SLP Hot Air Elimination Kits™ are all highly recommended for optimal performance and durability. Order early as these pipes will be limited. For more information, please inquire.


Click here to add a reccommened Boondocker Breathright Air Intake

Click here to add the 9R clutch kit for twins

Starting Line Products (SLP) Outlaw Twin Pipes- 23/24 Polaris 9R

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