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Key Features:

Strategic Intake Placement for Unmatched Protection:

The Boondocker Breathe Right™ Intake Vent is set apart from the competition with an innovative design element – cold air intake placement. This intake is engineered to perform in the deepest of conditions, and positioned in a way that prioritizes protection, shielded from potential damage when navigating the tightest off-trail tight tree routes.

Unrivaled Cold Air Delivery: 

The Boondocker Breathe Right™ Intake Vent is engineered to provide continuous frigid, unobstructed air straight into your Polaris Matryx air box while also retaining all of the stock air intake vents. No matter how deep the snow gets, you can count on this air intake vent to keep delivering cold air to your engine like you want it to, when you need it to.

Enhanced Engine Performance by Avoiding Hot Under Hood Air: 

With the Boondocker Breathe Right™ Intake Vent, you'll experience a noticeable improvement in deep show performance. Cold air is denser, meaning your engine can burn more fuel efficiently, resulting in increased power and responsiveness. Whether you're tackling the steepest deepest tree’d slopes or carving through those bottomless powder meadows, you'll have the consistent power and performance you need.

For Turbo and Naturally Aspirated: 

Everybody can benefit from a Breathe of fresh air on those deepest of days. The Boondocker Breathe Right™ Intake Vent is engineered for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated sleds. 

Rugged Durability: 

Crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum and patented Frog Z Skin™ hydrophobic mesh, the Boondocker Breathe Right™ Intake Vent for the Polaris Matryx Mountain sled is designed to withstand the conditions. Extreme conditions are no match for this tough and reliable intake vent.

Simple Installation: 

Installing the Boondocker Breathe Right™ Intake Vent is a breeze, with a user-friendly design that seamlessly integrates with your Polaris Matryx factory air box. It can easily be installed in your garage, in the trailer, or on the sled deck. You'll be running the steep and deep in no time, ready to confront the mountain with confidence.

Sleek and Streamlined Design Fits with Aftermarket Hoods and Handlebar Bags: 

Yes, the Boondocker Breathe Right™ Intake Vent enhances your snowmobile's performance; it also adds a touch of style. Its sleek, streamlined design complements the sharp rugged appearance of your Polaris Matryx, ensuring performance with no compromise in style. It also fits with most aftermarket hoods and handlebar bags.


Boondocker Breathe Right™ is your ticket to fearless exploration in the most challenging snow conditions imaginable. Get ready to dominate the mountain with consistent reliable intake performance and confidence.

Unlock the potential of your Polaris Matryx and conquer the steep and deep like never before. Let the Boondocker Breathe Right™ Cold Air Intake, Breathe life into the deep snow adventures dreams are made of.

Boondocker Breathe Right Air Intake

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