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Chris Washabaugh

-BBA Client 2017-

I was out last week to ride with the BBA crew. I really just wanted to send a BIG thank you to the entire Team; Chris, Ryan, Chase, Ross, Chef (Chris), Bev and Ashley in the office.
The entire trip went far beyond my expectations. I shared with Ryan and Chris how much I really had a great appreciation for the "family" business and can not express how fortunate all of you are to be able to share such a passion together. I bleed snowmobiles (yes green ones Chris) but any snowmobile. The sport, the challenge the people... BBA really ties all of that together. I was there to be humble and learn - you guys took me under your wings and pushed us to be better riders.
I cant thank you enough for making our trip such a great time, the food, the ride (yes even the Polaris) and I know you had something to do with the Blue Bird days.
I appreciate being treated as a friend, not just a customer!

Pete Mulcahy

-BBA Client 2014-

Chris and Staff, Jamie, Tony, Darryl and I would really like to thank you and all your crew for one of the best weekends of our lives. When we booked our trip with you some time around October, you mentioned that we may be in over our heads, but we wanted to go with you anyway. You were right! Nevertheless, the time you and your team spent with us individually explaining technique and taking things slow and steady will pay dividends versus our usual aggressive style. We really appreciated the one on one instruction time, not to mention all the times you hauled us out! We’d also like to thank you for the top notch accommodations and meals that Bev and Chris provided – truly above and beyond our expectations! We said this would be a once in a lifetime trip, but we were wrong…. We’re going to be back again if you’ll have us, and after a lot of practice! Cheers,

Jamie, Darryl, Tony, and Peter

JP Kenn

-BBA Client 2018-

Awesome trip! My name is JP I am a carpenter from Massachusetts. I spent 2 days last week riding with Burandt’s backcountry adventure. Starting with the planning of my trip to my last moments getting tips from Chris and Chase. I had the experience of a lifetime. I flew out from Boston and rented a car from Denver to head down to Buena Vista. With those moving parts it was a relief for me to get responses to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Ryan provided very quick answers to my questions. I showed up at the shop the first morning, my first impression was that I was in the right place. An impressive shop and office that made it easy to get signed in with a smiling face behind the desk. Everyone was in a great mood and excited hit the snow. I met Chris in the shop and we went over basic sled stuff and then had a meeting with the other guys in our group. I was amazed to see how passionate about riding Chris was after all the years he’s been taking guy out to the mountain. They loaded everything up and we hit the short road to our playground. I certainly considered myself a good rider but quickly found out I have so much room to get better! I am typically a trail rider due to my area but wanted to experience deep snow backcountry riding. The first day I spent getting used to my rental sled. After getting stuck, let’s say more than once, I was quickly    rescued by Chase or Chris. It was never a ski  and they were gone. Every time I was in that position they took it as a opportunity to teach me something about my technique. I was comfortable getting constructive feedback from guys that really know there stuff. More often then not they me and saw what lead up to me sinking into the pow. First day was a perfect start to the trip I had been looking forward to for months. Let me also mention that the “hot dogger” lunch warmer was way better than I could have imagined. Also the heated sled trailer made getting gear on and off so much better. The next day we hit the snow again. I felt more comfortable on the sled and received more instruction on how to improve. The snow was perfect for me and weather couldn’t be better. I really felt like I was progressing and starting to feel more confident. The second day ended and we headed back to the shop. I left shortly after we got back to get to catch my flight. Getting a chance to ride with a guy I have been watching videos of for many years was awesome and becoming a better rider was a goal I met. Chris and the people who run this family business put the guests first. I am a regular 33 year old dude from the south shore of MA. I put some money aside last year to treat myself to a trip and I found the right place with BBA. It was well worth my hard earned dollar to go and ride with those guys. I had a blast and picked up some good techniques I can bring back to the Northeast. If there is anything I would have changed about my trip I would have definitely stayed another day. Three days would have been the right amount of time. I made progress on the second day and I know the third day would have been another day of great riding and tuning new skills. The only other regret I have is that I didn’t stay in the BBA lodge. The other guests spoke highly of the food and accommodations. The other thing is that snowmobilers are the same breed. I met some good guys and would have enjoyed hanging out with them more teasing each other and trading sled stories from home. I will be heading back to BBA! 

Justin Webber

-BBA Client 2018/19-

To Ashley, Bev, both Chris’s, Kyle, Cole, & Ryan and anyone else I missed at the BBA team.

Just arrived back to Sallyland and it’s Sallier than ever at a balmy 75 for February which is unheard of.  Anyways- I’m not sure how to thank you all for not only putting an amazing three days together that I will never forget- but taking extra care of my buddy Pete in the immediate aftermath of his injury so I figured I’d write a review.

When writing a review you typically try and list out some pros and cons of whatever it is you’re reviewing be it a sled, a new helmet, or the trip of a lifetime that was had at Burandt’s Back Country adventure. This is an easy review because it’s all positive. Myself and two riding buddies just returned to New Hampshire less a flat lander than when we arrived.  We had arrived Friday late afternoon and spent 4 nights at the lodge and 3 days riding.  From the moment we arrived at check in we were blown away by not just the facility and onslaught of machines to drool over but the way in which we were treated like friends from all the staff- top down.  Bev & Chris took care of us at the lodge. All of the 11 meals we had were awesome.  The lodge itself is beautiful and is well laid out for all kinds of different groups.  Plenty of space to spread out and we were told right from the moment we walked in that we were to make ourselves at home and help ourselves to anything.

Friday checkin we met up with Chris and one of his guides Kyle.  They reviewed our current skill set and machines we ride.  We were honest and said we were complete rookies having been trail riders our entire lives.  We talked about some the basics and set expectations for the 3 days of riding.  Over those next days we were taught a new set of skills with Chris, Kyle, & Coles guidance. The three of them had a knack for teaching their skill in a way that put you at ease and made you want to do better.  No matter how many times we got stuck and needed help not once did they get frustrated with us.  They just continued helping us understand ways to learn and improve. We timed the snow perfectly so each day we could progress on tying the skills together in continually more challenging terrain.  The progress from day 1 to 3 was awesome to see.

At Burandt’s Back County Adventure you notice right away their passion for what they do in every area- the riding, the food, the teaching, the lodge, etc.  They are committed to their clients and absolutely live up to the expectations you have for a trip of this caliber.  For me it was one of most rewarding things I’ve ever done by putting me out of my comfort zone both physically & mentally. It well worth the money and I can’t wait to it again.
Thanks again to Ashley, Bev, both Chris’s, Kyle, Cole, & Ryan

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Justin's second adventure:
Just finished watching Ross’s Vlog.  As I sit here thinking about this past week I feel the need to write a second review- not to just write one for the sake of writing one but to let the people know that the second time out there only gets better.....I can’t wait to book round three.  The reason I say it gets better is literally from the moment I walked in the shop and in the lodge I literally felt like I was walking into my buddies camp for the weekend (ok so your camp set up is a bit better but still ;)).  I really felt like I was surrounded by people I’ve known for years.  Last year we had the house to ourselves which was cool- however this year we had a full house and it only added to the experience. We had such a great time connecting with riders from all over with all different kinds of riding backgrounds and experiences.  As the days went on the progression I experienced as a rider with only 3 days of backcountry riding from last year was day 5 it all started to come together for me and I spent days 5 & 6 literally on cloud 9.  If I hadn’t pushed myself to come back out I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I sit here back in New Hampshire currently negotiating on an RMK.  I’m committed at this point to make the switch from a trail rider to an off trail rider.  I cannot wait to see what adventures are in store for me in the northeast.   Once again the whole experience from stem to stern at BBA was amazing.  Thank you to the whole staff for making round 2 even more enjoyable than the first time.  See you all in 2020.


Tom Kussard

-BBA Client 2017-

A day in the trees with Chris Burandt.  Its been a dream of mine for quite some time now and it finally became full-filled this past week.  He has been my favorite pro rider ever since I can remember, from watching him rip a Cutler 1000 big bore in “Mountain Mod Mania” to wearing out DVD’s of “Schooled” to pick up every little riding trick I could.   In the videos he makes everything look so effortless and I would learn that it would be no different watching him ride live in person.

The day of the ride I left Fort Collins early and worked my way to his neck of the woods.  On the drive up I was thinking about alot.  Doing some math in my head I figured Chris had probably 100 days or so in on the snow already and that didnt include his month in Chile in August.  Figured he has to be sick of riding, at least a little bit, wondered if I would be able to pick up on that at all during the day.  I wondered how I would be able to keep up, if I would get pushed to hard and pile my sled into a tree.  Wondered where the best breakfast burrito stop on the route is?........

"I want you to look at your riding area with a new set of eyes"
Ok Chris - famous last freaking words.  I am emailing you to give you grief. :).
So we have a riding area about 5 minutes away from our house at the ski hill. It is a trail riding area through the trees where I usually go with the kids for a quick ride after a days skiing and for bbqs at the club cabin.  
So when we got here two weeks ago - I started looking around when we were riding and started to think - "you know those trees don't look too bad".  As it is a trail riding area- I have never seen a set of tracks through them........
Well for the last two weeks I have been stuck worse than I have ever been.  I have come back in two hours after dark because it took me three hours to get my sled unstuck. I have wrecked a bumper, shredded a jacket and been poked with so many tree limbs I have little round bruises on my upper arms.  I have also never had so much fun, and am feeling the most confident in my riding ever.
Thanks guys.  See you next year. 

Greg Gartner

-BBA Client 2012-

Michael Nathe

-BBA Client 2017-

Chris!   Great to hear from you as well!   You know, a ride like that in Chile is etched in your clients minds matter how much pisco they drink.  But, it's damn impressive you remember your clients from just one session a couple years ago!  I truly regret not going every year, it's no surprise you have a large number of clients jockeying for the few sessions you have available at any venue, much less Chile.   You and your team run a first class business, and it would be great to have the opportunity to ride with you again. 

Justin Fitch

-BBA Client 2014-

I would like to extend my appreciation for your outstanding support of the snowmobile sport year after year.  You all demonstrated superb commitment to the clients.  Everyone at Burandts BackCountry Adventure show’s this through excellent food, top notch service, some of the best riding around and overall an experience that will never be forgotten!  This could not have happened without your dedication and teamwork.  The outstanding reputation you earned is a direct result of your involvement toward the client’s ability to have a good time with future friends.

 I felt the importance to write this letter for you to share, so others may enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.  Admitting that the cost is what deterred me from booking a trip year’s ago.  I lucked out when my better half booked this trip for me, unknowingly, as a Christmas gift.  She knew I always wanted to, but couldn’t justify the investment.  Now knowing why everyone says BBA was an experience is an understatement.  The money spent is well worth the return.   Friendships, excellent food, uncompromised service, memories, riding tips from pro’s, and good laughs are just the beginning of an unforgettable trip.  I look forward to gathering friends and booking another adventure next season.  Again, Thanks to everyone at Burandts BackCountry Adventure.

Just checking in on a couple of things you might get a kick out of.

The first is that you can add a Skidoo die hard to the list of converts- Arnie came back from the trip out there and was so fired up. He rode my '14 RMK for two days, and on the third day his Freeride was for sale...he's checking a SKS (he has owned a Skidoo for the past dozen years plus).

The second is Mike (the one who converted from Cat this past year) has been re-invigorated on the Pro. He has gone sledding more this year than in the last couple combined...and he just signed up for BurandtTV this week.

The third is I've been pulling lines this year that I've stood there giggling as I was pulling them...just unreal. Three or four times just last weekend I was coming back down the hill looking at my tracks going up and almost not believing that they had been mine. 

Suffice it to say that we are fired up and are applying the teachings from you guys in a big way. Arnie, Mikey, Pete, and I are all in on coming back next year as soon as the schedule opens up.

Dan Shoemaker

-BBA Client 2015-

Justin Hayes

-BBA Client 2018-

Hey Chris-

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and recognize everyone at BBA for making such a great experience. It was an amazing experience the first time but, to go back the second time and be even more amazed just speaks so well of what you guys do and how you do it! It was a pleasure chatting with you about your business and your side of what you do. I enjoyed being pushed so hard and had fun failing and more fun exceeding what I thought I could make the sled do. By the way, I loved Lime Light!


I can be sure I will be out again next year but I will be out soon again. The challenge for me is not to really find off trail riding around me and find the sled set up to fit well for me out here. I hope it would be ok to pick your brain for opinions if I start looking into the mountain sleds more. 

Again, thanks for an absolutely amazing time and experience! Words do do justice. Please feel free to share with the guys , and Bev, how great and priceless the trip was, yet another year.

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