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*This kit includes the Twin Pipes, ECU Reflash Tuner and SLP Powerdome Head

Load both barrels with a set of SLP Outlaw™ twin pipes for the 2019-20 Polaris RMK and SKS (SKS 155 model only). These pipes not only deliver an incredible 17 horsepower peak, but also provide healthy low end and midrange increases too. These pipes exit through the stock belly pan outlet via an SLP Competition Series™ silencer. They shed 6 pounds of weight compared to stock. Finshed with black ceramic coating for maximum durability and heat retention. Comes with SLP ECU reflash tuner.


To effectively transfer the horsepower to the ground, an SLP Power Shift™ Clutch Kit is highly recommended which includes SLP Magnum Force™ Weights, drive and driven clutch springs and a helix (Only available for elevations 6,000" and above). An SLP High Flow™ Intake Kit is highly recommended for optimal performance and durability. 

Starting Line Products (SLP) Outlaw Twin Pipes w/head for 19-22 Polaris Axys 850

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