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What happens when you combine the lightest mountain chassis on the market with our #MTNproven ELEVATE geometry? You own the mountain. Over 2 years of extensive development has produced the ultimate in technical terrain performance. In tight terrain, ELEVATE for Polaris easily dispenses all challenges, and dominates all challengers.


The extended ELEVATE spindle lifts your sled out of the snow for a lighter and more effortless riding feel. This reduction in drag allows your RMK to be more predictable, precise, and less fatiguing. This upgrade is especially noticeable when sidehilling in technical riding situations. Each spindle is forged and then CNC machined out of solid 6061-series aluminum, allowing us to create an extremely strong part that is still comparable in weight to the stock spindles. Bring ELEVATE to your Matryx or Axys platform, and experience the best deep-snow handling upgrade on the market. 


Rail Tech:

We designed and refined the ELEVATE Polaris geometry to work specifically with the more aggressive Khaos-profile rail. This rail is an excellent upgrade for anyone with a regular RMK-profile rail, as its geometry shifts the overall weight distribution in the skid further forwards towards the front track shock. This results in a much more dynamic, playful, and lightweight feel from your skid. This foundation of improved rail geometry is what allows the full ELEVATE Polaris geometry to work so effectively.

  • Reduced Panel and chassis drag.
  • Lighter and less fatiguing to ride.
  • More precise sidehills.
  • Make 'paneling out' virtualy impossible.


All kits are compatible with factory Polaris front end parts, and no modifications are required to your bulkhead to achieve the ELEVATE geometry. 

Spindles are 1" taller then the OEM height.

All IceAge Khaos Rails are designed exclusively for 8" wheels for reduced rolling resistance.



Matryx Khaos models: only spindles are required.

Matryx RMK Boost or Series-8 track equipped models: spindles, Matryx rails, and 8" wheels are required.

Matryx RMK 3" track equipped NA models: spindles, Matryx rails, and 8" wheels are required.


Axys Khaos RMK models: only spindles are required.

Axys RMK/Pro RMK models 2016 and up: spindles, rails, and 8" wheels are required.


Our optional limiter strap kit is designed to be used with OEM or Fox Khaos length front track shocks ONLY.  Use on RMK shocks will result in shock damage.  The strap feature a stock khaos length hole, RMK length hole, as well as an extended '11' option to get the sled incredibly light on the skis for riders looking for maximum fun factor.  These are sold individually so please order 2 to replace your stock dual strap khaos model sleds.

Ice Age Elevate Spindle for Polaris

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