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Introducing the Xero Composites (pronounced zero) matryx hood, the lightest, strongest, and only carbon fiber hood for the Polaris Matrix platform.  At 2.3 lbs, this hood weighs next to nothing. The Xero matrix hood is a hand-laid, full carbon fiber product made in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Produced by passionate sledders for sledders looking for the latest lightweight advantage for their machines.  Should you crack or break your hood, the unique nature of composites allow you to be able to repair the hood yourself quickly and easily.  Repair kits and instructions will be available at  Lighting, storage, venting, and intake options are all being developed for next season and will be backward compatible.   Put the latest technology on your sled and make it feel and look like a rocket ship!


Gauge holes are cut to order, allow 1-2 weeks from order date for cutting and shipping.


Blank hoods are available for RMSHA racers or sledders that want to create custom venting options.


Gauge/Venting configuration's

1. 7S Gauge- Vented

2. 7S Gague - Blank

3. Standard Gauge - Vented

4. Standard Gauge- Blank

Xero Composites Carbon Fiber Hood

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