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The Chris Burandt tool kit was developed and evolved by Chris over years of experience and countless hours riding in the backcountry. It is the evolution of the actual experience of breakdowns, repairs, and the unforeseen events that can happen when riding snowmobiles and dealing with the unexpected. This tool kit is an essential part of backcountry riding and should be viewed as a necessary part of your survival equipment when going into the backcountry. This is essential for you and your riding group. This tool kit is assembled with the required tools needed to make necessary repairs to many machines. It is just as important as your first aid kit or Beacon. Below is the list of items included in the kit.


8mm Socket - 3/8 Drive

10mm Socket - 3/8 Drive

12mm Socket - 3/8 Drive

13mm Socket - 3/8 Drive

15mm Socket - 3/8 Drive

16mm Socket - 3/8 Drive

17mm Socket - 3/8 Drive

9/16 Socket - 3/8 Drive

15mm Deep Socket - 3/8 Drive

7/16 Deep Socket - 3/8 Drive

8mm Allen Socket - 3/8 Drive

T40 Torx Socket - 3/8 Drive

3" Socket Extension - 3/8 Drive

Stubby Ratchet - 3/8 Drive

Torx Multi Tool

Metric Allen Multi Tool

SAE Allen Multi Tool

6 in 1 Screwdriver

8mm Combination End Wrench

10mm Combination End Wrench

5/8" Combination End Wrench

13mm Skinz Wrench

15mm Skinz Wrench

17mm Skinz Wrench

1/2 Skinz Wrench

9/16 Skinz Wrench

6" Adjustable Wrench

Skinz Burandt Tool Kit – Polaris

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