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Polaris P85 only.

Carbon fiber clutch cover with titanium bolts and lighten & balance of primary and secondary clutches.


Bundle your primary and secondary clutch work to get the best deal at one time! Ship Patrick's your clutches and they will install the carbon fiber clutch cover with titanium bolts, lighten and balance both the primary and secondary clutches for maximum performance!  They can remove approx. 567 grams off the primary and 370 grams off the secondary for a combined rotating weight loss of 937 grams or 2 LBS!  Proper lightening and balancing can prevent vibration, heat build-up and prolong bearing life. Performance gain is achieved with faster acceleration.  


Secondary Spring Thrust Washer

Polaris TSS 04 only.

Keeps your secondary spring from coil binding.


Ship to:

1654 E Northfield Drive Ste 600 Brownsburg, IN 46112


Call to get your return authorization number and procedue to ship clutches.  


Lead times may vary.



Patrick Custom Carbon clutch cover with ti bolts and machine work

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