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This is the complete kit to turn your stock 2022-24 Polaris 850 boost into a fire breathing 900 Boost!  Increased throttle response on the bottom end with more pull through the mid range and top end.  Kit includes a complete Carl's 900 kit (No cores needed!) and custom 900 Boost ECU reflash.


Kit Contents:

900 Pistons

900 Ported Cylinder

Hi Flow Y-Pipe

Matched Powervalve Assembly

All Needed Gaskets

SLP Head with high elevation dome (Low elevation dome available)

*You will be required to send your ECU to BBA for the 900 ECU reflash


Highly recommended options:

-Fire N Ice Bigger air intakes with Boost intake vent. ($407)

-Burandt Adjustible Boost clutch kit. ($550)

-Diamond S Boost silencer. ($881) or Slp Boost silencer. ($400) 


*The Carls 900 Boost kit does require the use of 50% race fuel (100LL or 110 Race gas) and 50% 91 Non Ehtanol fuel

Carl's Cycle 900 Boost Kit

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