PRO RMK Evo Build

Stryder Burandt Pro RMK Evo
Stryder Burandt

Turn your EVO RMK into a Backcountry Beast.  Here's what you need!

  1. React front end with shocks 

  2. Polaris 850 running boards 

  3. Stock EVO 144 rails and track 

  4. RMK rear suspenion components with shocks for improved travel

  5. RSI 1" rise bar

  6. Magnetic Tether (choose the one for the 800)

  7. Indy 550 throttle lever (gives you full throttle)

  8. Lightweight lithium battery

  9. Cut tunnel

  10. Re-drill rear suspension mounting bracket to bring suspension further out of tunnel

Please note, adapting the RMK running boards to the EVO chassis is a project and will require some fabrication. They are not a direct bolt on...