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The main pak on the Pakman has specific compartments to organize all the items you would take on your ride. These compartments are place on one side of the inside and the other side of the main pak has a zipper opening compartment that can secure any kind of item you may want to keep in a zipper closure area. On the front of the pak, an additional diagonal storage compartment for a saw or other items the rider may determine. This compartment is kept separate from the inside if you wanted to carry items that get wet or a saw so not to get items inside wet or dirty. The Goggle side pak has a specific pak intended to carry a set of goggles but can be used for anything and includes a separate narrow compartment that can be used to carry other specific things as the user decides. The most unique characteristic to the Pakman paks is the attachment system. Two specially designed urethane mounts just snap onto the cross bar on the Polaris RMK/AXYS RMK machines or any Polaris with the crossbar style handle bar. The mounts are specifically spaced so the front and back paks can both snap onto the bar. Velcro straps with sliders fasten the paks together on the bottom making the installation very secure. With the specially designed mounts, these paks are Quik Release and can be easily removed and fitted to any machine with the same style of bar or taken in after your ride. Pakman paks offer a large amount of diverse and handy storage space. The position and location allows the rider to readily access needful items quickly.

-Unique, innovative quick release mount system(Pakman)

-Pak sets can be removed easily and installed on other machines with cross bar handle bars

-Quickly remove pak at end of day to bring in house or hotel

-Main pak incorporates specific sewn organizer compartments

-Main pak incorporates a separate diagonal compartment on front of pak for saw or other items

-Goggle pak has specific goggle storage pak and additional section for increased storage

-Constructed from water proof and water resistant materials

-Paks come fully assembled & ready to install

-Replaceable mounts are available

-Water resistant zippers

-Burandt logo/Graphics


Fits- (All Polaris RMK and Matryx w/cross bar) 


See What Chris Has to Say:  WATCH HERE

Step by Step Install:  WATCH HERE

Skinz Burandt PakMan Max Pak / Max Goggle Pak Set

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