After years of using GoPro cameras and being disappointed with the footage we went searching for a solution that would allow us to mount cameras in more interesting locations. Following many failed attempts to attach cameras to machines we finally discovered a reliable and versatile mounting solution from RAM. Using their simple get sturdy mounts we were amazed at how easy it was to mount cameras all over machines. In an effort to simplify the filmmaking process for the powersport user we packaged several key components in a durable roll bag.


The number of different angles possible with the RAD3K kit are endless and the examples shown here are merely scratching the surface for what is possible. We would love to see what you can come up with using this kit and hope see your footage on our social media channels.


We are proud that our kit is 100% built in the USA and believe the quality of our product reflects this.


The RAD3K kit includes 5 components in a durable bag


2 base mounts: a u-bolt base for mounting on round objects and a flange base for bolts


2 extension arms: a medium length 3.69” arm and a long 6” arm


GoPro Mount

WARNING GoPro is NOT included


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