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-Starting at $4295.00

The Boondocker Base kit for the 2016-18 Axys is a true no hassle, non adjustable plug and play turbo kit built to run on 91 octane. This turbo kit can be run at all elevations and still utilizes Boondocker's Acclimatizing Electronic Boost Control - automatically adjusts boost to maintain the same hp. For all you sledders out there who are looking for a turn key turbo kit that runs on 91 octane at an amazingly affordable price this turbo kit is for you! Comes standard with: 
-GT 2860 Turbo 
-Standard tunnel exit exhaust 
-Non adjustable control box that mounts under the hood 

Turbo Kit Upgrades:

-Fuel System Upgrade $1295 Adjustable fuel control box, Auxiliary injectors, Air box to accept auxiliary injectors

-GTX 2860 Turbo upgrade $549 
Back Country Choice - Modern aerodynamics with a 60mm billet compressor wheel and ported compressor housing makes the all new GTX2860 a preferred choice for technical back country riders. In comparison to the standard GT2860, the GTX2860 provides "Rippy" unmatched throttle response and increased efficiency at all boost levels and elevations.

-Tial Exhaust Upgrade $999 
Redesigned to reduce weight and quick drive belt heat, this option combines the high flow efficiently of the stainless steel TiAL housing with a light weight high flow BoonDocker muffler and is fitted with a high performance external waste gate for precise boost control. This all new non-corrosive duo produces a significant increase in both bottom end throttle response and top end horse power all with a great sound.

-Water to Air intercooler: Pricing and ETA to be determined.

-VOHK tuned and customer support package $400 
Erik Woog from VOHK performance has built every one of my bad boy turbo's pretty much since I've been riding a turbo'd sled. He's a tuning wizard, a ripper in the backcountry and someone who I trust to make my sled perform each and everyday out in the backcountry. Erik and I have teamed up to produce Burandt Built, VOHK tuned sled builds for the customer looking for the ultimate backcountry weapon! This performance upgrade will be required on all Burandt built turbos that come out of our shop. Our goal is to provide you the customer with a turn key turbo'd sled that will run flawlessly everyday. The VOHK tuned and customer support package will insure a sled that rips each and every day! Call Chris for more details on this package!

-Bully Dog GT tuner $549 
Monitor engine systems with the new Bully Dog GT Gauge Tuner. The GT Gauge Tuner can also be used to upload custom maps to the stock ECU.

-Bully Dog Re-Flash $300 
Custom Re-flash for your ECU


Boondocker Turbo Kit (Base Kit) For 2016-18 AXYS RMK

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