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Carl’s Cycle 900 Big Bore Kit
Updated 9R Pistons
SLP Power Dome Billet Head
Diamond S Titanium Silencer
Carl’s Cycle Shock Revalve
Nextech Carbon Fiber Rear Suspension
Nextech Titanium Ice Scratchers
Skinz Lightweight Helium Hood
Trail Chef Food Warmer
7S Display
Series 8 2.75 x 165” Track
Patrick’s Lightweight and Balanced Clutches
Patrick Custom Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover
Burandt Clutch Kit
 - Custom Cut Helix
 - Primary Spring
 - Secondary Spring
 - SLP Magnum Force Adjustable Weights
Zollinger Roller Bearing
Zollinger Lightweight Brake Rotor
DuraPro Magnetic Tether

450 miles
Arctic FX Wrap, Mc Cobra Edition

2022 Polaris Matryx Slash Pro 165 - Carl's Cycle 900