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carls cycle sales big bore 900 $2500

arctic fx wrap $650

slp powerdome head $400

clutch kit (springs, helix) $350

slp adjustable weights $225

nextech full carbon skid $3500

nextech ti ice scratchers $170

custom cut and welded short tunnel. (appears and functions identical to factory) $1000

slp intake $70

zollinger racing products, lightweight flywheel $100

zollinger racign products , secondary roller bearing $25

zollinger racing products, lightweight brake rotor $100

zollinger racing products, billet throttle block pieces $80

fox burandt lightweight qs3 lightweight shocks front and rear $1595 $1295

durapro ski rubbers $79

durapro magnetic tethers $110

to cool clutch vent $43

to cool chimney vent $30

patricks custom carbon clutch cover 

patricks machined/ lightened/ balanced primary and secondary clutches $825

diamond s ti can $660

skinz tunnel cut rear bumper $290

skinz vohk front bumper $250

skinz aluminum lightweight gas/oil seat and tank $1800

skinz helium hood $600

skinz adjustable heated brake lever $225

parts- $16,972


850  Miles

*includes two year extended warranty

2021 Polaris Pro RMK 900, 163 2.6" Short Tunnel