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3 year extended polaris warranty

312 miles

-Boondocker sidekick intercooled turbo tunnel dump exhaust adjustable tuner box Set up to run 100% avgas vohk tuned and flashed.  Will have vohk tune it to whatever boost level and fuel the buyer would like to run
-vohk clutching.   $350
-vohk tuning and ecu flash 800
-zollinger lightweight brake rotor $75
-zollinger lightweight flywheel $75
-patrick custom carbon lightened clutches w/ carbon fiber cover and titanium bolts $825
-durapro ski rubber $79
-skinz helium hood $599.99
-skinz heated adjustable brake lever $225
-skinz aluminum gas/oil tank with lightweight seat $1,800
-skinz Burandt rear bumper $249.99
-skinz Burandt front bumper $249.95
-skinz tri-lite running boards 599.99
-skinz Burandt titanium pro bars $249.99
-skinz next level handlebar bag $125.00
-skinz Burandt drew flow aluminum front end $1,499.95
-front qs3 fox shocks $1,595.00
-rear qs3 fox shocks $1,195.00
-nextech carbon fiber rear skid $3,600.00
-magnetic tether $100
-2 cool air vents side panel $89.99
-slp air intake vents $69.95
-ArcticFX wrap 569.95
-custom 8” shortened tunnel tig welded heat exchanger $1,000.00
-alternative impact titanium post $450
-alternative impact titanium pitman arm $450
-alternative impact titanium Polaris gripper ski hardware kit $295
-alternative impact titanium muffler brace $125
-alternative impact titanium quick drive bolts $45
-alternative impact titanium clutch weight pins $50
-hot pot cooker $30

2020 Polaris Axys RMK 850 BD Turbo, 163 - 2.6" track


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